Senator Rand Paul Awarded $580k in Damages Over Neighbor Attack

Sen. Rand Paul

Jury Awards Him $580,000 …

In Neighbor Attack Lawsuit

1/30/2019 4:56 PM PST

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Sen. Rand Paul was just awarded over a half a mil, ’cause he won his lawsuit against his neighbor who beat him up … and came up big in damages.

The Kentucky U.S. senator was awarded $580k in total damages and medical expenses Wednesday by a jury of his peers out in Bowling Green. The jury reportedly deliberated for about two hours before reaching their decision. Here’s the breakdown:

— $375,000 in punitive damages

— $200,000 for pain and suffering 

— $7,834 for medical expenses

As we reported … Sen. Paul sued his neighbor, Rene Boucher, last summer after the 2017 attack. Paul said Boucher tackled him from behind during a heated argument that stemmed from landscaping beef. Boucher was pissed Paul kept leaving debris on his property.

Sen. Paul suffered 6 broken ribs from the attack. Boucher had already pled guilty in a criminal case and served 30 days in jail.

Now … he’s gotta deal with this judgment, which his legal team says they will appeal.


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