Adam Perry Lang’s Arrest Video at Jimmy Kimmel’s Home

Jimmy Kimmel

Pal’s Arrest at Beach Home

Caught on Video

2/3/2019 12:55 AM PST


We got video at Jimmy Kimmel‘s beachside rental home when his friend was taken into custody. You can see from the video the friend surrenders quietly, and we now have information that seems to show he did NOT make the threatening 911 call.

Adam Perry Lang, famous chef and best-selling author, was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police vehicle after an 8-hour standoff stand-off. Police arrested him for felony criminal threats, for allegedly calling 911 and saying he had explosives in the house and had assaulted his girlfriend with a rifle.

Lang was taken to the police station last Sunday morning and booked. Jimmy Kimmel went to the station to make bail for him — $50,000. Lang, who was released, is adamant … he did NOT make the call.

Sources connected to the investigation tell celebrityslammer, Hermosa Beach cops checked Lang’s cellphone and it showed he did NOT make a 911 call. We’re told police want to do more checking to see if Lang had a scrambling device on the phone so he could make a 911 call undetected. It seems implausible someone would go through the trouble of scrambling the call yet giving the address where he’s at.

celebrityslammer broke the story … Lang says he was sound asleep when cops roared over to the house last weekend and he had his ringer off so he didn’t hear they were calling him. When he turned the ringer on the cops got through and told him to come out of the house … which he did.

Ultimately, the case will be referred to the L.A. County D.A., who will decide if the case will be dropped.


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