Bow Wow Leaves Magic City and Talks After Battery Arrest in Atlanta

Bow Wow

Super Chatty After Battery Arrest

2/3/2019 7:52 AM PST


Bow Wow was more than willing to talk after his arrest Saturday morning for allegedly beating a woman … but what he wants to talk about has nothing to do with the incident.

We got Bow Wow Saturday night leaving Magic City Strip Club in ATL and he said on the advice of his lawyer he couldn’t say anything about the incident.

As celebrityslammer reported … Bow Wow and the woman were both arrested after they allegedly got in some sort of physical altercation at 4:15 AM Saturday in Atlanta. The woman claimed Bow Wow assaulted her. He claimed it was the opposite.

Bow Wow was booked for Battery with Substantial Physical Harm … despite the fact cops told us the injuries were “minor.” He was released on $8k bail.

As for what Bow Wow wanted to talk about … it’s kind of Super Bowl-related, except for the team he’s rooting for.


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