Barstool Sports President Cuffed & Booted from Super Bowl LIII

Barstool’s Prez Dave Portnoy

Cuffed & Booted at Super Bowl LIII

… Breaks the ‘Ban’

The NFL tried telling Barstool Sports to stay away, but the company’s president insisted on attending Super Bowl LIII … and just got his ass thrown out in handcuffs.

Dave Portnoy was hauled away by security Sunday during Maroon 5’s halftime show as he watched from the stand — and by hauled, we mean his entire body was literally lifted up and carried out by a swarm of guards. He was trying to incognito with a pair of shades.

Dave was brought inside and appeared to be getting questioned by security personnel before armed police officers cuffed him and escorted him outside. It’s unclear if he was ultimately arrested or not, but Dave and co. definitely knew they weren’t allowed in. 

If you’ll recall … Dave and fellow Barstool employee PFT Commenter got tossed from the Super Bowl Opening Day Event last week after officials discovered they were carrying fake press passes. Both men were issued criminal trespass warnings by police.

Dave told us he was told he couldn’t attend SB LIII, even though he had a ticket. Looks like he went against the grain and paid the price … again.


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