Roger Stone Hits Up Salon in Florida, Spotted By Marlee Matlin

Roger Stone

Gettin’ His Hair Did

At Same Salon as Marlee Matlin!!!

2/6/2019 10:32 AM PST

Roger Stone ain’t letting his federal indictment keep him from a fresh ‘do, and he just happened to be at the salon at the same time as Oscar winner Marlee Matlin. God, his hair’s famous.

Marlee couldn’t resist snapping this shot Wednesday morning where you clearly see President Trump‘s former campaign adviser posted up mid-styling sesh, rocking a smock. As she put it, “Sometimes you see the most unexpected people at the salon. #Nowords”

As you know, Roger is big into fashion and he’s no stranger to snazzy outfits — although he might be limited to orange jumpsuits in the future.

Stone’s salon trip comes on the heels of his arrest during an FBI raid at his Florida home, and indictment by special counsel Robert Mueller

Roger famously stumped for money after his arrest, claiming he didn’t have the dough to pay off his mounting legal bills — but it looks like he’s got enough cash to get his hair done! 



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