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As 21 Savage sits an ICE detention center fighting for his freedom, celebrityslammer has uncovered more details of the circumstances that led to his arrest.

According to three police reports obtained by celebrityslammer, 21 Savage was pulled over by Atlanta police on Sunday (February 3rd) after driving across a sidewalk in an attempt to get onto another street. (Atlanta was hosting the Super Bowl on the day of his arrest.) Upon stopping, 21 Savage allegedly dumped a bottle containing an unknown substance, which caused police to immediately handcuff him.

After searching his vehicle, officers discovered a loaded Glock pistol in the glovebox, according to celebrityslammer. A styrofoam cup containing an unknown substance was found in the center console.

It was previously reported that 21 Savage’s arrest was part of a sting operation primarily targeting his cousin, Young Nudy, who was subsequently charged with aggravated assault and violation of the Georgia Gang Act. At the time, 21 Savage was driving alongside Young Nudy’s car and a third vehicle. In one of the other vehicles, police found an M4 rifle in the floorboard, the police reports state.

It’s unclear how or why ICE got involved, but the agency eventually took 21 Savage in custody and is now facing deportation for violating terms of his nonimmigrant VISA. (The rapper is a UK national, but has been living in Atlanta since 2005.)

In a statement to celebrityslammer, 21 Savage’s attorney, Brian Steel, said neither the gun nor the vehicle driven by 21 Savage belonged to him.

Source: https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/02/21-savage-gun-possession/

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