Bow Wow Injury Photos from Fight with Girlfriend

Bow Wow Arrest

Injuries from Fight …

Bite Marks and Deep Scratches

2/7/2019 12:42 PM PST


We’ve just obtained photos of the injuries Bow Wow says he sustained at the hands of his girlfriend — before they both got arrested — and they include some deep bite marks.

A source close to the situation tells celebrityslammer … Bow Wow is still recovering the knock-down,drag-outt fight he and Leslie Holden got into last weekend in Atlanta.

We already knew from his mug shot that Bow Wow’s face was scratched to hell … but now we can see what looks like at least one nasty bite, and several scratches on his torso.

As we reported … Bow Wow was arrested in Atlanta early Saturday morning for allegedly hitting Leslie, and she was also arrested for allegedly striking him.

We broke the story … in 911 audio released from the incident, Leslie claims Bow Wow hit her multiple times, took her phone and refused to let her out of a bedroom in their apartment. 

An additional 911 call was made by the apartment building’s manager, claiming a resident heard a male voice saying he would, “Slap the f**k out of this bitch.”

Bow Wow and Leslie were both charged with misdemeanor battery. 


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