ICE Cannot Seize 21 Savage’s Money in Deportation Case

21 Savage

ICE Can’t Touch His Millions

… In Deportation Case

2/9/2019 9:30 AM PST


21 Savage is in the crosshairs of ICE for deportation, but even if that happens they’re not gonna be able to touch the millions of dollars he’s earned.

We’ve done our research, and the only way the feds can seize assets from someone who is in the country illegally is if the loot is ill-gotten … as in earned through some illegal activity.

If the money is lawfully earned, despite illegal residency status, it cannot be seized.

As for how much money is on the line … reports vary wildly. Some outlets claim 21 is worth $4 mil and others claim as much as $21 mil. Fact is … most of these stories are just guesses, but it’s a good bet 21 Savage’s net worth is in the multi-millions.

As we reported, 21 remains in the custody of ICE after being arrested nearly a week ago, despite the fact people with illegal status who are not a threat to their community or a flight risk typically are bonded out pending a deportation hearing.


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