High School Hoops Star Goes Dunk Wild In Championship Game!

High School Hoops Star

Throws Down Ridiculous Dunks

… In Championship Game!

2/12/2019 11:56 AM PST

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Wanna see the best high school dunker you’ve never heard of??

Good … ’cause cameras captured Eric Gaines in a regional championship game this weekend — and the dude can FLY!!!!

He’s just 6’1″, 140 pounds … but 18-year-old Gaines took over for his Lithonia H.S. squad in a game in Georgia this weekend — dunking on EVERYBODY.¬† ¬†

Gaines threw down a few monster slams that woulda made Zion Williamson¬†jealous … even, at one point, cocking back a tomahawk that he slammed on some poor kid’s head.

Bad news for Eric … Lithonia still lost the regional championship game he was playing in, 61-59, in overtime.

Good news for Eric … we’re pretty sure you’re gonna see him on a DI court sometime soon.

Gaines — who’s still a junior — says he’s got an offer from Georgia State … but has been hearing from other schools like Georgia and Florida State as well.

Maybe Coach K himself gets involved, too, after seeing this????


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