Farrah Abraham Says Kyle Kuzma Wants to Smash, But Won’t Sit Her Courtside

Farrah Abraham

Kyle Kuzma Wants to Smash …

But Won’t Sit Me Courtside

2/25/2019 3:02 PM PST

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Advice to pro athletes … if you wanna shot with Farrah Abraham, ya gotta come with courtside seats. 

That’s the message Farrah says she told Lakers’ rising star Kyle Kuzma — claiming he tried to get at her in her DMs … but he wouldn’t pony up for quality Lakers tickets. 

The “Backdoor Teen Mom” star appeared on “The Hollywood Pipeline” podcast and spilled the tea about how she allegedly shot down the 23-year-old NBA player. 

According to Abraham, Kuzma told her he would have to pay out of pocket $15,000 to sit her on the court next to stars like Leo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson … and refused to budge. 

So, Farrah says she told the guy to kick rocks. 

Bad news for Kyle, Farrah moved on. 

Good news for Kyle, so did he … dude just wound up on a boat with Instagram model Katya Elise Henry and seems like he’s doing just fine!! 

By the way, can’t really blame Kuzma — dude is still in his rookie deal with the Lakers … which only pays him $5 mil over 3 years … which by NBA superstar standards is dirt poor!

Advice to Farrah … shoulda been nicer — Kuzma is gonna get PAID when it’s time to renegotiate!!!


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