NFL’s Rico Gathers Weed Arrest Video, Peacefully Smoking in Park

NFL’s Rico Gathers

Weed Arrest Video

… Peacefully Smoking In Park

4/1/2019 12:40 AM PDT


Here’s video of Dallas Cowboys tight end Rico Gathers being put in cuffs and getting hauled off to jail for quietly enjoying an evening blunt with his friend in a park.

For real.

TMZ Sports has obtained the body-cam footage of Gathers’ August arrest in Frisco, Texas … and the clip shows the pretty unbelievable circumstances that led to Rico spending a night behind bars.

Gathers and his lady friend are in a public park, sitting on a bench having just enjoyed some weed … when cops on bicycles cruise up to interrogate them.

They tell the tight end they could smell the marijuana … and when Rico reveals he has one more fully unused blunt in his possession, the investigation escalates.

One cop pats the two down … and ultimately decides to slap the cuffs on Gathers — who says the weed is his — telling him, “There’s like no tolerance for that stuff here, okay?”

You can see the moment where it hits Gathers that he’s truly about to be punished for such a minor offense … ’cause he PLED with the cops to let him off with a warning.

“It’s literally too close to game time,” Gathers says … “I play for the Cowboys … I really don’t need this right now.”

“I know y’all don’t want to see a grown man cry, but like, literally, this is too much. The media — this is a lesson for me in general.”

The cops take him to jail anyway … and the TE was eventually charged with possession of marijuana — a Class B misdemeanor.

Gathers had to fight the charge in court throughout the Cowboys’ 2018 season … and eventually struck a deal with prosecutors last week, agreeing to keep his nose clean for 90 days in order to have the charge dropped.

He also had to pay fines and fees.

Gathers — who nearly lost his job because of the arrest — finished with 4 starts at TE last season.


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