Victim Shot in Nipsey Hussle Murder Expected to Be Released from Jail

Nipsey Hussle

Friend Shot During Attack

Expected to Be Released from Jail

4/18/2019 12:34 PM PDT

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Nipsey Hussle‘s friend who was shot during the fatal attack is about to get sprung from jail.

As we first reported … Kerry Lathan — a 56-year-old man who was shot in the back when Nipsey was killed outside his The Marathon clothing store — was arrested days after because one of his parole conditions is not associating with known gang members. You’ll recall cops said Nipsey was a member of the Rollin 60s Crips.

Lathan was transferred to Men’s Central Jail in downtown L.A. but a rep with L.A. Superior Court tells us the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation withdrew its petition to revoke his parole.

It’s unclear why the Corrections Department is making this move but as you know … Nipsey’s been celebrated as a hero in his community by everyone from L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti to President Obama. 

In fact, Nipsey was supposed to meet with city officials the day after he was brutally gunned down … to hold a gang violence summit with LAPD.

Lathan could reportedly be a free man again by Thursday afternoon.


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