Caron Butler Defends Crying Joel Embiid, Players Deserve Post-Game Privacy!

Caron Butler

Defends Crying Joel Embiid

NBA Players Deserve Post-Game Privacy

5/13/2019 11:48 AM PDT



Caron Butler not only thinks the 76ers superstar was justified in crying after the 76ers heartbreaking loss to the Toronto Raptors, he thinks the NBA should change the media rules to allow players to deal with their emotions in private. 

In case you missed it … after Embiid missed his shot to swat Kawhi Leonard‘s game-winner, cameras captured Joel crying on the court … and later in the hallway while being consoled by his girlfriend.

Butler says he understands Embiid’s emotions … and feels the league should step in to give him his privacy. 

“That’s the crazy part about the NBA. They say that players need that time to vent so it would be great if guys were able to go to the locker room, kind of depress, let that emotional time die down and then have an opportunity to go back out there and address the media.”

Of course, the NBA will likely NEVER do this — because those raw, emotional moments resonate with fans and people love it. 

Butler also fires back at the jerks criticizing Embiid for shedding tears — telling TMZ Sports players should be praised for caring about the game so much. 

Butler also weighs in on Max Kellerman’s comments from last week when he said Kawhi is better than Kobe Bryant in clutch situations. 


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