David Eason Faces More Legal Drama for 2018 Illegal Truck-Towing Incident

David Eason

Faces More Legal Drama …

For 2018 Truck-Towing Stunt

5/13/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Exclusive Details

David Eason is quickly learning when it rains it pours … ’cause in the wake of an animal cruelty investigation and child support case, TMZ’s learned there’s a looming court date over a stunt he pulled last year.

First, a little backstory … Jenelle Evans‘ dangerous spouse got in hot water last December after the ex-“Teen Mom 2” star illegally towed a man’s truck. The incident actually went down in June 2018 but, amazingly, cops weren’t made aware until Eason uploaded a video of the incident on his YouTube page … on Jenelle’s 27th birthday, no less.

Eason captioned the video, “Learn the right way to deal with a$$holes who think it’s cool to block you in a parking space.” In the video, you hear Jenelle in the background laughing and egging him on. 

The truck owner ultimately pressed charges, and Eason was charged with tampering with a vehicle and injury to personal property. He’s due back in New Hanover County, North Carolina court June 3.

It’s just the latest controversy that’s practically forced Eason to have his lawyer on speed dial. As we reported … the Columbus County Sheriff and Animal Control have launched a joint investigation into allegations of animal cruelty against him for shooting their family dog to death.

Eason, of course, also owed back child support to his baby mama, Olivia Leedham. He ultimately paid up but the hits kept coming as Jenelle proved to be collateral damage after she was fired from “Teen Mom 2” … a spin-off show she’d been on since she was 19. She was first casted on “16 & Pregnant.”


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