Herman Cain Says Black People Are Brainwashed to Hate President Trump

Herman Cain

Black People Are Brainwashed

To Hate Prez Trump

5/14/2019 10:52 AM PDT


Herman Cain — one of President Trump‘s close pals — insists POTUS has done a lot for African-Americans, but says black people still hate him because the media’s messing with their minds.

We got the business exec and ex-Republican presidential candidate leaving Reagan National Tuesday in D.C., and asked why he continues to stand in Trump’s corner, through and through. Cain says he looks at results … not perception.

For example, Cain says Trump’s been doing a lot for the black community behind the scenes — like pushing forward criminal justice reform and lowering unemployment rates — but insists those accomplishments are overlooked due to skewed coverage. Or, as the Prez puts it … fake news.

When asked point blank why so many black people seem to despise the President, Cain dropped the b-word. Yeah … brainwashed. He tells us they’ve been brainwashed by the media they consume, which he suggests is anti-Trump.

Despite Tiger Woods recently coming to the White House to accept the Medal of Freedom from Trump, Cain says other athletes and celebs who’ve opted to ixnay any WH visits are also brainwashed — and should stick to what they do best … entertain.

Some hot takes here from the Godfather’s Pizza guy — who, btw, recently withdrew from consideration to serve on the Federal Reserve under Trump. Maybe he was brainwashed out of the gig.


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