Chad Kelly Signs with Colts After Working with Uncle Jim Kelly

Chad Kelly

Signs with Colts

After Working with Uncle Jim Kelly

5/20/2019 7:06 AM PDT

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Troubled QB Chad Kelly just signed a new contract with the Indianapolis Colts — and it begs the question … is his uncle, Jim Kelly, to thank? 

Here’s the deal … Jim had been working out with Chad this offseason to help him get a second shot in the NFL after he was cut by the Denver Broncos in 2018 following a bizarre arrest. 

But, it’s also hard to ignore the Jim Kelly connection with the Colts — a team coached by Jim’s former backup, Frank Reich!

Remember, Frank famously took over for an injured Jim Kelly in Buffalo during the 1992 NFL playoffs and led the Bills to the most historic comeback win ever when they were down 35-3 at halftime to the Houston Oilers. 

So, did Jim call in a favor to his old friend?

Maybe … but Chad still has to cut it on the field or else he’ll be outta there. 

Chad has to keep his nose clean while trying to earn his job on the regular season roster — he was just sentenced to 1 year supervised probation after striking a plea deal in his home invasion arrest. 

As we previously reported, Chad entered a random person’s home after a night of boozing with the team back in October — and was chased out of the home by a man wielding a vacuum cleaner tube. 

After the Broncos cut Chad, his Hall of Fame uncle Jim met up with him to help guide along his QB workouts … and he looked pretty good. 

Kelly got a tryout with the Colts earlier this month — and it seems they liked what they saw,. 

Kelly will be the 4th QB on the roster going into camp — so he’s bot a huge uphill battle to keep his job … but hey, stranger things have happened. 


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