Jenelle Evans Standing by Her Husband for Home Improvement Shopping Trip

Jenelle Evans

Stands by Her Man

… Shopping Trip with David


Jenelle Evans and David Eason are sticking together — very publicly, actually — and now that their kids have been removed from their house, they’re tending to home improvements.

The embattled couple took a trip to a Lowe’s in North Carolina Sunday to pick up a shopping cart full of items … looks like they’ve got a lot of chores planned.

David was dressed in all black, including a “Redneck Nation” t-shirt with a Confederate flag and the words “Family, Tradition, Heritage” on it. The “Family” part is interesting … because theirs has been in turmoil since Eason shot and killed the family dog for nipping at their daughter.

Jenelle’s wearing something interesting too — her wedding ring. She’s clearly showing she’s standing by her husband despite the fact his actions have torn apart their family.

As we’ve reported … Evans was fired from “Teen Mom 2” shortly after the dog killing incident, and her children have been removed from their custody under a judge’s order.

She and David appeared together in court Thursday to fight to get the kids back, but it doesn’t look like they were successful.

Eason didn’t do anything to quell fears he’s a dangerous dude while leaving the courthouse either … he had a gun in plain sight on his dashboard as he drove away.

No sign he was packing heat on Sunday, but even if he wasn’t … we know Jenelle likes to travel while armed as well.


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