Ricky Schroder’s Second Domestic Violence Case Rejected by DA’s Office

Ricky Schroder

2nd DV Case Rejected

… Off the Hook Again

5/22/2019 11:31 AM PDT


Ricky Schroder won’t be prosecuted for allegedly hitting his girlfriend a second time … TMZ has learned.

According to legal docs, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office won’t be pursuing charges against Ricky after the alleged victim told cops it was an accident.

The D.A. states Ricky’s girlfriend first implied he hit her on purpose and later said it was an accident that she might’ve caused. The D.A.’s Office says Schroder’s GF was interviewed the next day after initially calling cops and told officers that he struck her when she startled him while he was sleeping and under the influence of alcohol and Ambien.

Per the interview she gave cops, she said Ricky flailed his arms and accidentally hit her. Prosecutors also say the case was difficult to prove because she too was under the influence at the time.

Moreover, the D.A.’s Office notes that Schroder’s girlfriend was initially uncooperative when cops arrived on the scene and attempted to take a video of her alleged injuries the day she made the call.

As we reported … Schroder’s business team bailed on him after his second arrest related to domestic violence allegations. He was arrested back in April for another incident related to his GF, but that case was also declined by the D.A.’s Office. 

In other words, Ricky’s off the hook … again.


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