Jim Boeheim Police Car Crash Video, ‘It’s F*cking Awful’

Jim Boeheim

Police Car Crash Video …

‘It’s F*cking Awful; He’s Shook Up Isn’t He?’

5/29/2019 9:18 AM PDT


TMZ Sports has obtained police footage of the moments after Jim Boeheim struck and killed a man on a NY highway in February … and cops clearly felt awful for the Syracuse coach.

The 74-year-old was returning home from dinner on Feb. 20 at around 11 PM when he says he “observed a vehicle sitting in the roadway” on Route 690 in the City of Syracuse.

When Boeheim swerved to avoid the car … he hit a pedestrian named Jorge Jimenez in the road — killing him.

When police arrived on the scene … they were shocked to find it was the legendary basketball coach behind the wheel — with one cop saying, “It’s f*cking Jim Boeheim!”

As the police learn more about the accident and what went down … you can tell they feel sorry for the coach, ’cause one officer says, “That’s fucking awful; he’s shook up isn’t he?”

You can see from pictures obtained by TMZ Sports the scene WAS horrific … with an imprint of Jimenez’s body clearly left on the hood of Boeheim’s SUV.

Cops eventually took Boeheim back to the station to officially record his side of the story … and afterward, officers commented once again on how badly they felt for the coach.

“Dude, that sucks, though,” one cop says … “Like, you’re not doing anything wrong and you just go kill somebody?”

Cops eventually determined Boeheim was going 11 MPH over the 55 MPH speed limit … but they classified it as a “tragic accident” and declined to file charges.

For his part, Boeheim said in a statement after the crash he was “heartbroken” over the whole incident.


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