Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House, Extinguished and Arrested

White House

Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House …

Cops Swarm to Save, Arrest Him

5/29/2019 12:09 PM PDT

Exclusive Details

12:09 PM PT — According to the emergency dispatch audio — obtained by TMZ — the man suffered burns on 85% of his body. There was also a suspicious package on fire near the man which was extinguished.

11:35 AM PT — A law enforcement source tells us the man was transported to the hospital with “life threatening” injuries.  A man set himself ablaze in a park near the White House and was only saved — for the moment — by cops who quickly surrounded and extinguished him.

The unidentified suspect was taken down by cops Wednesday afternoon in D.C. and he was fully engulfed in flames. It appears he might have had some sort of protective suit on because he was not collapsing as he strolled across the lawn with the Washington Monument in the background … and less than a mile from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

You can see cops rushed in with extinguishers, and law enforcement tells us he was immediately taken into custody and rushed to a hospital. More than 70 officers swarmed the area from multiple agencies. Although several tourists were in the area … no one else was injured. 

The Secret Service is aware of the incident, saying some of their personnel are on the scene. 

It is unclear what the man’s condition is right now.

Story developing …  

Originally Published — 10:29 AM PT


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