Cher Apologizes to Trump with ‘Not Apology’ for Prison ‘Toy Boy’ Joke


Trump Deserves Prison

But My ‘Toy Boy’ Joke Went Too Far

5/30/2019 7:22 AM PDT

Cher insists she’s not apologizing for tweeting President Trump should end up being someone’s prison “toy boy” — but she’s definitely apologizing for making a joke of prison rape.

Cher went on a tirade late Wednesday night, posting her thoughts about Trump and impeachment. She tweeted, “I Would *love* 2 See trump Impeached,Brought 2 Trial, *locked* Up In *prison* & Toy Boy Big Bubba!!”  

She added, “I WANT WHAT’S BEST 4 DEMOCRATS AND DEMOCRACY” — but hours later deleted the tweet. Early Thursday morning she issued an apology that started with, “This is NOT Apology.”

Even though she’s chalking it up to a “Cher wtf Moment” … it seems pretty clear she’s apologizing for crossing a line.

Her initial Trump tirade came on the heels of Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s news conference Wednesday when he said charging Trump with a crime was not an option because federal rules prohibit charging a sitting President. Still, Mueller said, “If we had had the confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”

She also put Trump on blast following a report the White House and Navy exchanged emails about keeping the USS McCain out of Trump’s site during his visit to Japan. Cher accused Trump of having hero envy.

The singer, of course, is no fan of Trump. She’s repeatedly gone after him before, but has also said in the past she has hope for Trump supporters.


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