Mama June Begged By Honey Boo Boo To Seek Rehab, ‘Do You Wanna Die?’

Mama June

Do You Wanna Die?!?

Honey Boo Boo Begs Mom To Seek Rehab

5/31/2019 12:40 AM PDT


Mama June is on a dark path heading toward looming death … so frets Honey Boo Boo, who’s desperately urging her mom to seek help for what looks like a severe crack cocaine addiction.

Mama June’s family and friends are scared to death … her life’s in danger, and they confronted her during an intervention … with Honey Boo Boo begging Mama to go to rehab, asking her if she values her life enough to get clean so she can watch her grandchild grow up.

We’ve got a clip from Mama June’s show Friday night on WE tv — and you see her, busted teeth and all, getting super defensive as her loved ones plead with her to turn her life around. 

As we first showed you … Mama looks like a shell of herself since she got busted for crack cocaine possession back in March with boyfriend Geno Doak. Mama’s teeth are falling apart, and she collapses on camera during the dramatic family intervention. 

We’re told Geno wasn’t present for the intervention … which is interesting, because Mama’s daughter, Pumpkin, insinuates he’s cheating on her when she’s not around.

Check out the clip … June’s family wants her to move out of the casino where she’s allegedly been shacking up with Geno before it’s too late.


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