Felicity Huffman Buys Celebratory Flowers, Daughter Graduates High School

Felicity Huffman‘s doing something we have seen since her indictment in the college admissions scandal, and that’s … smiling.

You could say she stopped to smell the roses — although they look more like lilies — Saturday in West Hollywood. Felicity’s bouquet purchase comes just as her daughter, Sofia Grace, graduates high school. We don’t know if the flowers were for Sofia, but Felicity looked pleased with her selection.

Federal prosecutors say Felicity paid Rick Singer $15k to rig Sofia’s SAT scores … by giving her extra time on the test and then correcting some of her answers. We’ve seen a very somber Felicity at her court appearances in Boston … including the one where she agreed to plead guilty.

Felicity and William H. Macy have said Sofia knew nothing about the scheme. Felicity’s scheduled to be sentenced in September … and could get anywhere from zero prison time up to 4 years.

For now, she and Macy seem to be focusing on the positive — Sofia’s high school graduation.

College is a whole other Oprah. 


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