Jamaal Charles Nearly Attacked By Giant Spider In Intense Capture Mission

Jamaal Charles

Nearly Attacked By Giant Spider

… Intense Capture Mission

6/4/2019 11:45 AM PDT

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Jamaal Charles was ALMOST attacked by a humongous spider … but fortunately for the ex-NFL star — he’s still got some moves, and ducked away from the big-ass arachnid as it charged!!!

It all went down in the former Kansas City Chief’s backyard … where he was trying his best to capture an 8-legged beast and protect his Texas home.

The video is pretty intense … Jamaal tries to calmly sweep the spider into a box — but then it suddenly darts at his left leg!!!

But, the ex-running back is able to move out of the way … and then he went on an offensive assault — slapshotting the spider into a box.

Victorious, Jamaal zooms in on the spider … and the thing is MASSIVE!!!!

Unclear what Jamaal’s intentions are now that the spider is captured … but we know one thing for sure, his family ain’t letting it in the house, ’cause one of them says, “Lock that door. We are not bringing that in here.”



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