Warren Sapp Catches Big Ass Fish, Calls Out Randy Moss and Deion Sanders

Warren Sapp

Catches Big Ass Permit Fish

Your Move, Randy & Deion

6/5/2019 9:01 AM PDT

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Warren Sapp has officially jumped headfirst into the Hall of Fame fishin’ wars — catching a HUGE permit in the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday … and calling out Deion Sanders and Randy Moss!!

Prime and Randy kicked things off last week after a trip on the water … showing off their catches and calling out ANYONE who wanted to challenge them to a fishing tournament.

Enter Sapp — who just made Deion and Moss’ fish look like guppies with what he caught … posing with one of the several permits he was able to snag on Tuesday.

“hey fellas @randygmoss and @deionsanders your Move!!” Sapp says … officially accepting their challenge to a good ol’ fashioned fish-off.

Sapp has been fishing forever … and has showcased a bunch of massive, scaly creatures he’s caught … so Moss and Deion might be in trouble.


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