Honey Boo Boo Won’t Move Back in With Mama June Until Geno’s Gone

Mama June

Honey Boo Boo Won’t Move Back

‘Til Geno’s Gone Gone Gone

6/18/2019 1:00 AM PDT


Mama June may have moved back into her home, but that doesn’t mean her famous daughter is following behind anytime soon … quite the opposite, actually.

Sources close to Mama June’s family tell TMZ … 13-year-old Alana — AKA Honey Boo Boo — adamantly refuses to move back in with her troubled mother, as long as she’s got her BF, Geno, hanging off her hip.

We’re told Geno being in the picture is a straight-up nonstarter for Alana. She wants MJ to ditch Geno … and get herself into rehab.

There’s grave reason for concern. TMZ broke the story … Geno was so wasted behind the wheel a few days back, he crashed into Mama June’s home and couldn’t even walk. He collapsed on the ground and Mama June needed help from a neighbor to drag Geno inside.

HBB begged her mom to straighten out her life a while back, tearfully pointing out that she’s currently living with her older sister, Pumpkin … and not by choice but by necessity. It’s pretty obvious she wants to be with her mom, but not in a chaotic, unstable and dangerous environment.

And, there’s this … we’re told if push comes to shove and nothing changes, Pumpkin will go to court and fight to gain custody of her little sister.  Our sources say so far, June hasn’t expressed interest in getting her daughter back.

Tough situation, for sure.


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