The Game Says 40 Acres and a Lambo Sounds About Right for Reparations

The Game

40 Acres and a Lambo …

Sounds about Right for Reparations

6/22/2019 7:34 AM PDT


The Game says reparations are the only just way acknowledge the U.S. was built on the backs of slaves … as for what that looks like, well Game’s got ideas.

We got the rap legend Friday night at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where he hosted a listening party for his new album.

Game played off “40 acres and a mule,” with an updated version. 

Check out his reaction when our photog asks who he’s gonna vote for in 2020. He starts to answer, and then recalls he can’t vote at all because he’s a felon, and then he launches into a solid point … why can’t felons who served their time cast ballots?

And, finally, he has strong feelings about Nicki Minaj showcasing her now fiance in her new music video, “MEGATRON.” Game says it’s nobody’s f***n’ business but hers. 


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