Phaedra Parks Says Her Sons “Could Be the Next Hashtag” Amid Powerful Discussion About Racism

Realistic conversations.

Today, Phaedra Parks virtually stopped by Daily Pop and opened up about the unfortunate, yet necessary conversations she’s had to have with her sons about racism. Per Parks, these discussions have been “difficult” as her boys with ex Apollo Nida, Ayden, 10, and Dylan, 7, are “young” and “very innocent.”

“Unfortunately, because of the time that we live in, they’re conversations that have to be had,” Parks explained to E!’s Justin Sylvester. “Because, they could be the next hashtag.”

As she continued, the Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition star said she wanted to remain “realistic with [her]self” amid the “countless hashtags.”

“It doesn’t seem to be coming to an abrupt end for our people, people of color that is,” she added. “So, I have to really have those very hard conversations with my boys and say, ‘Hey, unfortunately, this is the history of this country and this is how you might be viewed.'”

This conversation comes amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter demonstrations in response to the deaths of George FloydBreonna Taylor and others.

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