YouTuber Myka Stauffer Will Not Face Charges After Investigation Into Adopted Son’s Welfare

YouTube stars James and Myka Stauffer will not face charges after authorities launched an investigation into their adopted son’s welfare.

According to Buzzfeed News, who obtained a report on the investigation, the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday, June 29 that it had closed the case against the Stauffer family and concluded that Huxley is “safe with a new family.”

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office also released a statement on Twitter, and despite not disclosing the identity of those involved in the investigation, suggested the case was linked to the YouTube stars.

“The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office has completed its investigation related to a local adoption process, which has been highly publicized in the news and social media by other interested parties,” the statement read. “The case is closed without any charges.”

In early June, law enforcement first launched an investigation into the well-being of the child. In late May, the couple announced they placed Huxley, who they adopted from China in 2017, in the care of a new family over concerns that they could not provide proper care for his medical needs. The announcement sparked widespread criticism.

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