How Ghislaine Maxwell Managed to Evade Capture For Nearly a Year

Federal prosecutors investigating the sexual crimes of Jeffrey Epstein are describing how his alleged associate Ghislaine Maxwell evaded arrest for nearly a year.

On Thurs., July 2, federal authorities announced the arrest of the 58-year-old on six counts for her alleged involvement in the Epstein abuse case. She’s previously denied any wrongdoing.

She was found on a lavish estate in Bedford, New Hampshire, one of two locations she allegedly hid out in, according to prosecutors.

Maxwell’s arrest brought to end a nearly year-long manhunt, which began in July 2019 when an indictment against Epstein was unsealed. 

According to the federal indictment obtained by E! News, federal prosecutors claim that Maxwell deployed numerous strategies to avoid detection from investigators, including moving to different hideouts on at least two separate occasions. 

Other actions she took included changing her email, phone number and using a different name when having packages shipped.

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