Inside Felicity Huffman’s Plan to Rebuild Her Life

That’s not to say she didn’t find value in her year of service. “She learned a great deal from it,” the source said of Huffman’s time spent giving back, “and there were many eye-opening experiences.”

A do-gooder long before it was court-ordered, the actress was already familiar with a plethora of charitable endeavors, but she was looking for a new organization to dedicate her considerable time. And she found it in A New Way of Life, an L.A. group working to help once-incarcerated women return home with employment, ensuring for a smoother transition back to society. 

“Felicity is a such a down to earth genuine caring person [and] she’s been very helpful and supportive to the women here,” founder Susan Burton, a former inmate and recovering addict, told People last year. “She has connected with them in a real way and you can feel it. I think that is because they know she’s experienced in a small way what they have gone through being incarcerated.”

Burton told the outlet, the actress spent her time helping prep for the group’s annual gala and devoting herself to other menial tasks. “She’s been cooking for the women, cleaning the homes, shopping and answering the phone,” said Burton. Basically making good on the vow she had made to truly commit herself to her community service and pay her dues.

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