Nina Parker & Justin Sylvester Contrast Capitol Riots & BLM Protests

Washington D.C. descended into chaos on Wednesday, Jan. 6 when a mob of President Donald Trump‘s supporters swarmed the U.S. Capitol. 

The country watched as rioters clashed with police, smashed windows and broke through barricades—ultimately forcing Congress to evacuate parts of the building—and by the end of the day, according to NBC News, four people were dead, a noose had been erected outside and at least one improvised explosive device was found on the grounds.

For many, this begs the question: Why wasn’t the police response similar to that of last year’s Black Lives Matter protests at the Capitol? In D.C. and all across the U.S., demonstrators gathered throughout the summer to peacefully protest police brutality and racial injustice, but per CNN, they were regularly met with tear gas, violence and arrests.

Why? For E!’s Nina Parker, the answer is clear. 

“For me, I’m really just tired of seeing two different narratives,” she told co-hosts Justin Sylvester and Carissa Culiner on Thursday, Jan. 7’s Daily Pop. “Obviously, Justin, you were protesting in the summer. You were out in the streets. And there were so many things that we were discussing and seeing. You know, Justin was telling us how he was out and peacefully protesting and how they were met with mace and people were being hit with rubber bullets. And then I see people getting into the Capitol. I’ve talked to people who are in D.C., who have told me, ‘Girl, you can’t drive by a certain way, you can’t even pass a barrier to take a photo and there are literally people with guns aimed at you telling you to move.'”

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