Ranking: Friday the 13th from Worst to Best | Podcast

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There’s been a murder. Outside of town. The Becker residence. You can hear the sirens make their way past the rolling hills that suffocate Woodsboro, California. Little do they know there are five new faces passing them as they make their way into town.

Join the Halloweenies as they revisit their time last year at Camp Crystal Lake. As they peruse the shelves of the local video store — and fend off Randy — the five share and discuss their respective rankings of the entire Friday the 13th franchise.

So, grab a VHS and share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Then, stay tuned as the Halloweenies return to take on Ghostface for an entire new season on Wes Craven’s sexy slasher franchise, Scream — just in time for the new sequel.

Source: https://consequenceofsound.net/2021/01/halloweenies-ranking-friday-the-13th/

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