Paris Texas Share New Song “Situations”: Stream

Last month, the South Central rap duo Paris Texas released their first ever song, a metal-tinged banger fittingly titled “Heavy Metal”. The track quickly picked up some considerable blog buzz, and now they’re back with a much different-sounding loosie called “Situations”.

There’s not a whole lot of info out there about the LA pair, but we do know that their names are Louie Pastel and Felix, and it seems unlikely that this is their first entry into the world of music. “Heavy Metal” featured pounding guitar chords that stopped and started with the choppy suspense of a horror film, but “Situations” is a completely different vibe.

The track is piece of funky, warped club rap that sounds a lot more like Outkast than Death Grips. The vocals slip and slide over its tubular groov while gurgling waves of bass and an industrial synth line play out beneath them. Similar to artists like Kenny Mason and Jean Dawson, Paris Texas seem to be making rap-rock-pop hybrids that can’t be confined to a single sound.

The video for “Heavy Metal” featured an abduction and a bloody murder, but the “Situations” visual is a video-game style animation of the duo driving out into the desert to battle some ghouls with shovels. It looks kind of like a PS2-era Grand Theft Auto cut-scene, but weirder. Check it out below.

It’s unclear if these singles are building up to a bigger project or if Paris Texas are going to the stream-of-singles route, but either way these tracks are incredibly promising.


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