Kristin Smart’s Body Is Believed to Have Been Buried Under Flores Home

New court documents are shedding light on how Ruben Flores allegedly assisted his son, Paul, in the murder of Kristin Smart

According to a county probation report seen by The San Luis Obispo Tribune, investigators believe Smart’s body, who disappeared from a California university in 1996, was initially buried in the backyard of Ruben’s Arroyo Grande home. The documents state that investigators “are in possession of biological evidence that makes them believe the victim was buried underneath (Ruben Flores’) deck at one time.”

Authorities have yet to find Smart’s remains, but the report reveals they are in possession of “damning evidence that a body had been buried in that location and then recently moved.”

The 2019 podcast Your Own Backyard brought renewed attention to the case, as well as Ruben and Paul’s potential involvement. Host Chris Lambert shared accounts from people connected to the Flores family in November 2020, revealing suspicions that Ruben and Flores knew of Kristin’s whereabouts. 

Last month, detectives searched Ruben’s home using cadaver dogs and ground-penetrating radar, according to The Los Angeles Times. A week later, detectives arrested Paul and Ruben and confirmed “forensic, physical evidence” was discovered at the property.

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