Tiffany Moon Confronts Brandi Redmond in Shocking RHOD Trailer

The Real Housewives of Dallas proves once again that Texans know how to turn up the heat—but this time with some teachable moments.

In the dramatic sneak peek at the season five reunion, Kameron Westcott comes with receipts as she introduces a pink briefcase. “I am prepared,” Kameron states, as host Andy Cohen dubs her “Elle Woods goes to court.” 

A tearful Kary Whittingham‘s marriage seems to be on the line, but that doesn’t stop D’Andra Simmons‘ from accusing her of being a bully.

Speaking of butting heads, D’Andra later turns her attention to co-star Stephanie Hollman

“Stephanie, I’m not you,” D’Andra jabs. “I’m not milk toast, I’m not a doormat.”

Stephanie counters, “You know what I am? A good friend.” 

Yet, it’s newcomer Tiffany Moon who steals the show. After telling host Andy that “everything in life has an Excel spreadsheet, including husbands,” the doctor slams both Kameron and Brandi Redmond with some truth. 

“Thank you for explaining my culture to me,” Tiffany claps back to Kameron’s comments.

“I’m not talking about your culture, Tiffany.” Kameron clarifies. “I was talking about food.” 

“Food is part of my culture,” Tiffany emphasizes.

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