Miles Teller Says Wife Keleigh Is “Woman of My Dreams” on Anniversary

Miles Teller couldn’t be happier about the spectacular relationship he and wife Keleigh Sperry have built. 

The 34-year-old The Spectacular Now actor marked their two-year wedding anniversary on Wednesday, Sept. 1 with a touching tribute posted to social media. Miles shared a tender photo of himself kissing Keleigh’s head on their wedding day as they both looked out at the ocean with their backs to the camera. 

“2 years ago today, I married the woman of my dreams,” Miles captioned his tweet. “There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not reminded of how much I truly love and adore you.”

He continued, “Thank you for your kindness and unconditional support, Keleigh. I would be lost without you..”

Among those replying with messages of support was film producer Felix Kay, who tweeted, “It was a great wedding!”

Earlier that day, Keleigh posted pics to Instagram of the couple together, including a shot from their ceremony. “Happy anniversary my booshki,” she wrote, “not sure how to put 8 years into 10 photos but I love you forever more thanks for being a stud of a husband, I adore you.”

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