Britney Spears Acknowledges Fans’ Role in Conservatorship Developments

Jamie Spears’ lawyer, Vivian Thoreen, spoke out on his behalf a day after the ruling, which she called “disappointing.”

In the statement, Thoreen said that Jamie has always acted in Britney’s “best interests,” further alleging that the pop star “voluntarily entered into the conservatorship.” She continued, ” Respectfully, the court was wrong to suspend Mr. Spears, put a stranger in his place to manage Britney’s estate, and extend the very conservatorship that Britney begged the court to terminate earlier this summer.”

While Jamie doesn’t support the court’s decision, Thoreen stated, “Mr. Spears will continue to look out for the best interests of his daughter and work in good faith towards a positive resolution of all matters.”

In the meantime, Britney’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, is working on a formal plan to file a petition to end the conservatorship.

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