Dog the Bounty Hunter Halts Search for Brian Laundrie After Injuring Ankle

Dog the Bounty Hunter has halted his search for Brian Laundrie after injuring his ankle.

TMZ reports that Dog injured his ankle in rough terrain while searching for Laundrie, and is now returning to Colorado for treatment.

Laundrie is a person of interest in the murder of his fiancée, Gabby Petito, a #VanLife influencer who was reported missing on September 11th and whose body was subsequently discovered on September 19th. Dog, a former bail bondsman turned reality TV bounty hunter, joined the search for Laundrie on September 23rd, and has spent the last two-plus weeks rummaging through Florida camp grounds looking for potential clues. One of his earliest leads, a crushed can of Monster Energy, was quickly determined to be nothing more than trash.

Speaking to TMZ, Dog says he’ll remain involved in the search for Laundrie from afar as he’ll be raising money for and consulting “a talented group of Florida locals” still on the hunt.

Dog is also said to be in talks with various television networks about a series documenting his efforts, but CMT — home of his previous show Dog and Beth: On the Hunt — has already said they aren’t interested.


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