Kacey Musgraves Performs “breadwinner” on Colbert: Watch

Kacey Musgraves appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday night to support her new album star-crossed with a performance of the single “breadwinner.” Watch the replay of her set below.

Occurring roughly a month after the release of her new LP, the performance saw Musgraves deliver a touching rendition of the track as money rained down from the ceiling. The song, like the rest of star-crossed, is about the conflicting feelings that occur when going through a divorce, and here Musgraves reflected on a man who “wants your shimmer/ To make him feel bigger.”

If you thought you heard a twinge of country in Musgraves’ performance, that would make sense; after all, she is a country artist. However, that didn’t stop the Recording Academy from declaring star-crossed ineligible for the country music categories, despite Musgraves’ previous status as a two-time Best Country Album Grammy winner. Yet Morgan Wallen, country’s problematic rising star who was caught on video using the N-word while in the middle of a so-called “72-hour bender,” is still nominated for Album of the Year despite being banned from the CMA Awards next month.

In recent headlines, Musgraves helped kick off Saturday Night Lives 47th season premiere earlier this month. She broke out a special rendition of “camera roll” where she sang a portion of the song at a table with projected people sitting opposite her. Afterwards, she made history as the first artist to perform naked on SNL with “justified,” which she did as an homage to the infamous Forrest Gump scene in which Jenny (played by Robin Wright) takes the stage in the nude as “Bobbi Dylan.”

If you haven’t checked out star-crossed yet, it’s worth taking the time to listen to the LP. In her album review, Consequence contributing editor Mary Siroky praised star-crossed for its lyrical transparency and musical cohesiveness. “It’s painful to continue sharing such personal truths and to keep your heart on the line under so many scrutinizing eyes,” she wrote, “but Musgraves has never been one to back down from a challenge.” Revisit her write-up in full here.

Source: https://consequence.net/2021/10/kacey-musgraves-colbert-breadwinner-watch/

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