Marriage, Babies, Music? What Freeing Britney Spears Really Means

But while technically all the balls are back in her court now, a lot of the nuts and bolts of living the Britney Spears life aren’t nearly as sexy as envisioning what she’ll wear on her wedding day.

“What really starts happening,” Arminak says, “is things like contracts, leases that need to be transferred into her own name and not her father’s and not her conservators’. It’s the little details, [such as] where if she has a maid, now the conservatorship isn’t going to pay that maid, she’s going to have to pay that maid. It’s things like that that needs to happen, those little details. And she’s been in it for 13 years, so it’s going to take a little bit of time” to sort it all out.

Meanwhile, her situation—a grown woman earning millions of dollars recording and touring the world and sharing custody of her two children, while simultaneously considered unable to care for herself—has almost no direct parallels as far as predicting what exactly happens next.

Ahead of the decision, Roshan said there wasn’t a lot of precedent for just pulling the plug on a conservatorship without evidence being presented by the conservator’s side (i.e. Jamie), or ordering a psychological evaluation for the conservatee. Spears told the court in June that she had already undergone numerous evaluations and did not want to submit to another one.

When Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny ruled Nov. 12 that “effective today the conservatorship of Britney Jean Spears, the person and the estate, is hereby terminated,” she did not require a medical evaluation.

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